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Property Security

Security of factories and workshops

Warehouses security

Restaurants and Hotels security

Residents and Buildings security

Shops, Shopping Centers and Supermarkets security

Parks and Golf Courses security

Private Hospitals and Private Schools security

Vehicles and Machineries security

Personal Security

The safety for business owners

The safety for business owner’s family

The safety for minors


Consultation for the required equipment and security plans

Consultation for the security plans of Warehouses

Consultation for the required equipment and security plans for Supermarkets and Shopping Centers

General Services

Pagoda Security

Building Security ( Residents, Embassies, Factories, Workshops, Warehouses)

School and Learning Centers Security

Hotel, Motel, Inn & Restaurant Security

Construction Sites Security

Stage Shows Security

Events/Festivals Security

Hospitals/Clinics Security

Other Services

24 hours security service for our clients.

Taking care of properties in our protection from theft and damage.

Preventing fire.

Workplace safety.

Taking responsibility until both parties are satisfied if there is any damages or loss due to our staff.

For sufficient protection, we arrange men power to protect it fully.

We occupy only well trained experienced staffs.

We take responsibility for our staffs’ obedience to rules and regulations.

Replacement of staffs if there’s any unsatisfactory situation.

Chief of duty always checks the staffs and if there’s any violation of company’s rules, they are punished accordingly.

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24/7/365 Information Services

CCTV Monitoring Services (More than 8 Guards)

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